Abdul Qayyum Khan Trading L.L.C. is a dynamic and innovative company at the forefront of the Vegetables & Fruits Trading industry. We specialize in sourcing and delivering high-quality, fresh produce to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our stringent quality control measures, ensuring that only the finest fruits and vegetables reach our customers. With a focus on reliability and customer satisfaction, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner in the agricultural trade.

In the realm of Fresh & Chilled & Frozen Meat Trading, Abdul Qayyum Khan Trading L.L.C. sets the standard for quality and efficiency. Our extensive network of suppliers enables us to offer a wide range of premium meat products, catering to the discerning tastes of our clients. Whether it’s fresh cuts, chilled selections, or frozen options, we take pride in delivering meat that meets the highest standards of hygiene, taste, and nutritional value, ensuring a superior culinary experience for our customers.

At Abdul Qayyum Khan Trading L.L.C., we are passionate about Bread & Bakery Products Trading. Our commitment to delivering freshly baked goods is unwavering. From traditional bread to artisanal pastries, our diverse range of bakery products showcases the finest craftsmanship and premium ingredients. With a dedication to meeting the evolving demands of our clientele, we strive to be a leading name in the bakery trading industry, offering an array of delicious options to suit every taste.

Abdul Qayyum Khan Trading L.L.C. is a recognized leader in the world of flavors & fragrances trading. Our extensive portfolio includes a myriad of aromatic delights that add depth and richness to various culinary creations. With a focus on quality and authenticity, we source and distribute a diverse range of flavors and fragrances, elevating the sensory experience of our customers. As experts in the field, we are dedicated to providing innovative and inspiring options that enhance the taste and aroma of food and beverages.

We provide the following services for our clients

  • Vegetables & Fruits Trading
  • Fresh & Chilled & Frozen Meat Trading
  • Bread & Bakery Products Trading
  • flavours & fragrances trading
  • Flour Trading
  • Bottled Water Trading
  • Frozen Fish & Seafood Trading
  • Juice Trading
  • Ghee & Vegetable Oil Trading
  • Dried Vegetables & Fruit Trading
  • Soft Drinks & Carbonated Water Trading
  • Food & Beverages Trading


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Vegetables & Fruits

Fresh Chilled & Frozen Meat

Bread & Bakery

flavours & fragrances


Bottled Water

Frozen Fish & Seafood


Ghee & Vegetable Oil

Dried Vegetables & Fruit

Soft Drinks Carbonated Water & Beverages


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